State Beverage: Milk

 Milk - Delaware's State Beverage

Milk was made the official State beverage on June 3, 1983.

Delaware Code Title 29 § 312

State Dessert: Peach Pie

 Peach Pie - Delaware's State Dessert

On July 30, 2009, peach pie was designated as Delaware's official State dessert. Peach farming is an important part of Delaware's agricultural heritage, as the peach was introduced to Delaware in Colonial times and expanded as an industry in the nineteenth century. Delaware was the country's leading producer of peaches for part of the nineteenth century, at its peak, shipping 6 million baskets to market in 1875. The fifth and sixth grade students of St. John's Lutheran School in Dover, with the support of the entire student body, suggested that peach pie be adopted as this State's official dessert because of the historical and agricultural significance of Delaware's peach farming industry.

Delaware Code Title 29 § 321

State Star: Delaware Diamond

The Delaware Diamond - Delaware's State Star

On June 30, 2000, the Delaware Diamond, located in the constellation of Ursa Major (Great Bear), with coordinates of right ascension 9h40m44s and declination 48°14’2”, was designated as Delaware’s State star. It is a star of the 12th magnitude and is the first star on the International Star Registry ever to be registered to an American State. It can be seen with binoculars or a telescope. Twelve-year-old Amy Nerlinger of Wilmington named the star through a contest sponsored by the Delaware Museum of Natural History in the summer of 1999.

Delaware Code Title 29 § 317